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Daily Archives: July 5, 2009

Single Review: Brad Paisley – ‘Welcome To The Future’

A scene from the music video

A scene from the music video

In my recent foray into Twitter, I became a follower of Brad Paisley. Here’s the first message I saw from him, accompanied by a picture of Pac-Man on an iPhone:

My in flight entertainment this evening. Welcome to the future.

I was puzzled by the meaning of this picture until I heard the song “Welcome To The Future” on American Saturday Night, and it all became clear. The entire song is about how far we’ve come to get to today. Technological advances like TV in cars, video chats and games on phones are all name-checked, but the song continues into more serious fare. In the 3rd verse, Brad relates the story of a friend from school who was the target of racism for asking out the homecoming queen on a date. He never mentions Barack Obama, but it’s pretty obvious:

I thought about him today,
Everybody who’s seen what he’s seen,
From a woman on a bus
To a man with a dream.

Wake up Martin Luther.
Welcome to the future.
Glory glory hallelujah.
Welcome to the future.

It’s a nice payoff to a song that feels kind of frivolous until that point. It’s not usual summer fodder, but it’s such a great sentiment that doesn’t take a stance politically, only recognizing the significance of Obama becoming president in how far we’ve come as a society. Accompanying the great lyrics is a normal fast-paced Paisley production with fiddle, steel guitar and plenty of electric guitar. During the chorus, strange futuristic sounds appear, but they’re not distracting, as they could have been.

Clocking in at nearly 6 minutes on the album, the song is cut down by about a minute in the single edit, removing the guitar solo at the end, thankfully. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Paisley tracks, only because of the 3rd verse and the timeliness of it. It’s nice that Paisley can use his clever writing for purposes other than making gender jokes and I hope he stays on this track.

Grade: A-

Written by: Brad Paisley & Chris DuBois

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