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Daily Archives: July 3, 2009

Single Review: Montgomery Gentry – ‘Long Line of Losers’

montgomery_gentryDriving home late from work the other day, I heard a song on the radio and I was shocked — it sounded country! I heard some wonderful dobro work and what sounded like Montgomery Gentry, and I recognized it as their new single, “Long Line Of Losers”. Even further, I liked the song! Coming off their induction into the Opry, this single is one of their most country sounding singles yet.

Their last single, “One In Every Crowd,” was an annoying repeat song that I hated, so I was surprised to like this one. There have been a lot of singles about family misdeeds (“Family” by LeAnn Rimes, just to name one) and it can be difficult to make the idea sound fresh, but Montgomery Gentry pulls it off here. The anecdotes about their fictional family are amusing from the moonshining grandpa to the mom that was sleeping with the preacher. The narrator admits his family is messed up. Then he admits his family made him the way he is, and he sounds proud of it. It sounds good, with a good melody and lyrics that give a great sense of family pride.

Nobody’s family is perfect and while nobody has a family quite like this, it’s an easily relatable song that gives people pride in their own family’s imperfections. It’s also believable coming from Montgomery Gentry, even though the song was written and performed by Kevin Fowler for a while. This song is sure to be a hit, and for once it may deserve the success it gets.

Grade: B+

Written by: Kevin Fowler and Kim Tribble

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