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Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

Single Review: George Strait – ‘Living For The Night’

Strait Honestly, I’ve never been a big George Strait fan. I’ve known some of his songs, his more recent hits, and on a whim I bought Troubadour this past January. When I got it, there were a few good tracks, but it never caught with me and I stopped listening to it.

However, this new Strait single from his upcoming album Twang is a whole other story: I love it.

It’s not very twangy, which is ironic, but it’s a very solid single from an artists who is aptly described by solid. In “Living For The Night”, Strait sings of how he can’t live without his ex. He can’t stand the day, so he draws the curtains and waits for the night, the only thing he thinks will comfort him. It’s a nice idea, if not the most original, but the way the song is written is fresh and makes this song feel new and original, even if it’s not:

Daylight can’t hide the tears I cry
The pain that came with your goodbye
The memories that keep me out of sight
Every night I venture out into those neon arms
That hold me tight
I’m living for the night

It’s a nice turn of phrase, and it just sounds interesting. It’s odd that I’ve never had an experience like the one Strait’s describing, but I still find myself identifying with the feeling, the intense sorrow he’s describing- it’s something that few songs can do, but I really feel what he’s singing.

Like I said earlier, this song has very little twang, but just enough. The soft pulsing guitar (The newest trend in Nashville, like “Dead Flowers” by Miranda Lambert, “I Just Call You Mine” by Martina McBride and “Indian Summer” by Brooks & Dunn?) in the background keeps this song from feeling too slow, giving just enough energy to drive it forward. Throughout, strings and a just enough country instrumentation keep this song firmly rooted in country music. Strait sings well of course, but it’s nothing too difficult to sing, and he conveys exactly what’s necessary for the song. This song doesn’t need impressive vocals, it just needs the right emotion, and he gives it that.

This single has done something very few Strait singles do: make me excited for his new album. Hopefully Twang will be better than Troubadour. This single is very solid and sad, a great combination if you ask me.

Grade: A-

Written by: George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon

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