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Single Review: Jamie O’Neal – ‘Soldier Comin’ Home’

Photo Credit to Angela Talley  

Photo Credit to Angela Talley

After “Like A Woman” failed to impact the charts (Read my single review here), Jamie O’Neal is back with the 2nd single from her upcoming album. When I saw the title of this song, I thought “Ugh, this is going to be a pander-fest, isn’t it?” Fortunately, the song went to a different place than I was expecting, with much less pandering than I thought, surprisingly.

That’s not to say the song is perfect- it’s not. The lyric feels very similar to “Like A Woman” with Jamie wanting to feel more love from her husband, only this time the song uses the image of a wife greeting her soldier as he returns home. Jamie describes the scene she sees at the airport and sings about how she wishes she could have that kind of love. It’s a nice image, but I think it wears a little thin as the song continues. It’s nice how she compares how her husband is gone so much to the soldier being gone and how she wants him back:

Well that’s when it hit me
Just the way she was looking at him
Caught up in the moment
She forgot all the lonely she’s been
And you’re gone so much now, it’s become no big deal
It made me stop and wonder
When’s the last time I made you feel like you were a soldier coming home

It’s a nice sentiment, and a clever way of saying an old thing, but I can’t get over how it’s literally the same song as “Like A Woman”. It’s a decent song, but I much prefer “Like A Woman” as a single and a song. I feel like Jamie’s not really stepping it up enough, but I know she can do better than this.

It has a nice production, but it comes off as something I’ve heard before, like everything else in the song. What she really needs is a unique and different single to come back, but it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully that song will come soon…

However, I do like this song, it’s just not the right single. What makes them think that this single will do well after “Like A Woman” failed?

Grade: C+

Written By: Jamie O’Neal, Roxie Dean and Patricia Ann Murphy

The single goes to radio on June 8th. As of now, the only way to hear it is on her website or her myspace.

2 responses to “Single Review: Jamie O’Neal – ‘Soldier Comin’ Home’

  1. Rodney Good July 15, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Well, at least you said the production was nice. Jamie has an album of material that you will not believe! I should know, I’m the producer. The label picks the singes. I’m sure they have their reasons for putting this out right after “Like A Woman”. Possibly because they had absolutely no promotion staff for that single and now they do for this one. We’ll see what happens.

    • Chris July 16, 2009 at 8:03 am

      I was probably a little too harsh on this song- it is a good song, just too similar to “Like A Woman”. I am very excited for her album though, I just hope the label releases it soon…

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