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Single Review: Emily West – ‘That Kind Of Happy’

that-kind-of-happyI love Emily West – “Rocks In Your Shoes” was a great find for me, and should have been a huge hit, but it wasn’t. Emily’s label, Capitol Records Nashville to be exact, has been testing the waters with her singles for nearly a year and a half now, with “Rocks” peaking at #39. As a result, the label hasn’t released an album yet, only 1 EP and now the new single, “That Kind Of Happy”.

This song is just so happy, as the title suggests, and it takes the listener on a wild ride – and you can tell Emily’s having a blast. It has tempo, fiddle, guitar and happiness – everything that radio seems to be embracing, but this song is more than just filler. This song manages to be creative and intelligent at the same time! I also like how in the production, it’s possible to hear some country elements, like the really fast fiddle that is sprinkled throughout.

Emily sings about the dark side of reckless love, singing:

There was a time when love swept me off my feet
I never thought I’d have to come to grips with gravity
Now fallin’ in love is still the sweet, crazy thing to do
But when I take that leap again I’ll have a parachute
You can’t call it fallin’ when you’re on your knees and crawlin’

While many singers sing the same old song about falling in love, Emily decides she doesn’t want a love that will leave her sad, she wants real love. It’s not often today that female singers talk about not wanting to fall in love, so this song comes off as even more unique. It reminds me of the strong woman mentality that Reba does so well (Case in point: her new single “Strange”), as well as so many of the female greats. I just see female artists talking about always needing to be in love, or to get back with a lover or other songs like that – but here Emily is strong and independent of falling in and out of love constantly.

The song has an infectious melody that works with the contemporary production and makes for a very fun listening experience. It has a heavier base line than I’m used to for a country song, but instead of being distracting, it drives the energy of the song. Adding to it is Emily’s voice which is in top form as always.  She’s just really convincing! She sings a complicated melody while making it look really easy, something that very few of her peers can do.

Some people might get turned off by the intense production, but this risky single really pays off by being what contemporary country could be: smart, fun and fresh all at the same time — all things that almost all songs on the radio today are not. Hopefully radio will hear that Emily is different and they’ll latch on for dear life – that would make me that kind of happy! (Sorry, I had to make some kind of pun …) If they don’t, I’ll sure be angry because Emily is something special.

Grade: A-

Listen to Emily’s songs on her myspace. (I highly recommend “Blue Sky”, “Rocks In Your Shoes” and “Bad Boyfriend”)
Buy “That Kind Of Happy” on iTunes. (Please buy it if you like it!)

2 responses to “Single Review: Emily West – ‘That Kind Of Happy’

  1. J.R. Journey May 2, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    I really like this song.

    Nice review too.

  2. Meg May 3, 2009 at 12:18 am

    She’s got quite a voice! Can’t believe she’s that young! I really like the song, too — I agree that it has a fresh sound.

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