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Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

Poll – Grammy For Best Female Country Vocal Performance

grammy1Here we have another entry in our Grammy poll series, this time for best female country vocal performance! In my opinion, this is a fairly strong category. I apologize for having so many polls close together, but the Grammys are fast approaching and there are still some country categories left!

As usual, check out the Grammy Flashback over at Country Universe!

Here’s the poll:

One annoying thing I see is the inclusion of “Last Name” over “Just A Dream”. With “Last Name”, Carrie has no chance, or at least doesn’t deserve the award at all. I liked “Last Name” at first, but I quickly got tired of the scream-fest. I hope she gets better material, or at least learns how to interpret songs better because she has so much potential.

Next, Martina’s song is good, but not amazing. It’s a nice song, but not Grammy worthy, in my opinion. It’s one of my favorites from Waking Up Laughing, but I think “Love Land” and “House Of A Thousand Dreams” were much better in every way- they deserved to be singles instead.

That leaves the last three nominees- three stellar ladies singing three superb songs. One of those three will win, but I prefer Trisha or Womack, but I would be satisfied with LeAnn winning as well. “What I Cannot Change” is LeAnn’s best vocal performance, up with “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” as her best overall. She sings well, and the song has a great message and perfect production.

So which is my favorite? If my 2008 singles list was any indication, I love “Last Call” to a fault, it being the song that got me to like Lee Ann Womack in the first place. I love the story, the production, the emotion, and most of all, Lee Ann’s performance. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs, and definitely my favorite Lee Ann Womack song. It is more than deserving of a Grammy.

But the Yearwood single? It’s another amazing song, and is right up there with “Last Call”, so I really wouldn’t mind if it won either, and it probably will win. I would also be OK with LeAnn winning, so I really like this group of songs (except “Last Name”).

So what do you think? Make sure to vote and then post why!


Video Review: Martina McBride – ‘Ride’


The billboard that saved the day.

The billboard that saved the day.

A whole lot happens in these three minutes, fifty seconds. Or does it? Martina McBride’s video for her latest single ‘Ride’ is very rapid, and really pleasing to the eyes. There’s certainly a story-line unfolding here, but it seems there are so many things going on at once that it’s hard to get a handle on it – not that any of it really makes sense.

The video opens with several people on a city street in a traffic jam. This is setting the scene for the message of the song: that even when you’re having a bad day, to keep your chin up – and ‘hold on tight to what you feel inside’. These people have apparently not heard any of Martina’s music, because they are not happy. Especially the middle-aged woman who gets out of her car, looking around. She is seriously pissed. Eventually, everyone is out of their cars to see what’s going on. And out of nowhere, when the first chorus begins, there is Martina on a billboard singing ‘Life is a roller coaster ride/time turns a wheel and love collides’. Like magic, her crooning makes all the anger disappear and a virtual street party begins. The bickering people begin shaking hands and then commence to dancing in the streets.

Verse two finds the obligatory love story being interjected as a young couple in adjacent cars gaze at each other. Then, the boy writes ‘Hi’ on the window using the steam from his breath. How romantic. Meanwhile, a full-blown celebration is going on in the streets around them as someone gets out the football for a game of catch and another brings pizza to the street soiree. About this time, our young couple – remember them from the obligatory love story? – are out of the cars and getting more acquainted. Read more of this post


The 9513 1st Annual Country Music Awards

This is the last day to be heard, so be sure to cast your vote for The 9513’s 1st Annual Country Music Awards.  Just click the icon above.  And be sure to read the rules, and remember, you only get one vote, so make it count.

Update:  Your votes have been counted, and you can check out the results over at The 9513 blog.