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Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

Favorite Overplayed Country Songs

FYI, I found this site called, and they basically give you prompts that you can share with your blog, so I’m playing around with it. Here are 3 overplayed country songs that I still like. Next, I want to know yours!

Love Story by Taylor Swift

I love the story and the optimism, as well as the great banjo and "fiddle" that's spaced throughout it. It's age-appropriate, even though the reference to the Scarlet Letter is so odd.

All I Want To Do by Sugarland

I love the chorus, it's so much fun and never gets old. I know some people find it incredibly annoying, but I just love it and sing along!

Online by Brad Paisley

It's a funny story, and this is one of those songs I can really laugh at.