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Daily Archives: January 19, 2009

Album Review: Miss Leslie – ‘Between The Whiskey And The Wine’

Between The Whiskey And The WineMiss Leslie is the real deal. There is no doubt whatsoever if she’s hardcore honky tonk or not. Hard fiddles, loads of steel, and lyrics that involve either alcohol or heartbreak. Usually both.

The set kicks off with the “My Give A Damn’s Busted”-esque tune “I’m Done With Leaving”, which is the perfect kiss-off tune. Miss Leslie’s songwriting is sharp, and the conviction in her voice even sharper. The second track, which is the title track, is a song that describes the entire country genre, particularly the older, more traditional part of it: no happiness, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, all heartbreak, and all alcohol. Miss Leslie sounds genuinely “I’m never gonna heal”-heartbroken. She’s still depressed and still drinkin’ like hell in the next cut, “I Can Still Feel”, which could be the direct continuation of the title track. The next track, “Hold Back The Tears” could be another chapter to the two previous cuts, only this time we’re taken several years into the future, where the narrator has been sitting on that same bar stool for several years, and she’s still drowning her sorrows. Miss Leslie delivers this one perfectly, with just enough strength, and just enough of that ‘I gave up many years ago’ feeling in her voice.

What’s this? On “I Can Get Over You”, Miss Leslie convinces herself that she can get over the man who’s leaving her, and even though she thinks it may take years, she still sounds certain that she will eventually get over him. She apparently changed her mind on the next track, because she’s pulled out the bottle again, and sounds completely void of hope on “To Get Through This Day”.

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Poll – Grammy For Best Male Country Vocal Performance

grammy1Here is our second poll about the upcoming Grammys, this time for the Best Male Country Vocal Performance category! I have to say, as it seems to be normal for this year, these are some very strong nominees. As always, check out all the past winners at Country Universe!

I have to say, these are some good songs. The Paisley track is one of my favorite Paisley songs, while the Strait track convinced me to buy its respective album. The Adkins one is good, and the Otto one is a great debut single, if a little annoying after a while.

However, “In Color”? It has to win- no questions asked. It’s a clever song, with a great story, an amazing hook, and it’s one of the best country songs I’ve heard in a while. It even has great characters and perfect production! I didn’t care for it at first, but I have been won over lately. Add in the stellar chart success and it spells pure win-ness for this category. I like the other songs, but “In Color” is just so much better.

Does anyone disagree? Make sure to post why you voted for who you voted for!

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