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Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Single & Video Review: Shawna Russell – ‘Should’ve Been Born With Wheels’

That’s right, a double review of a single AND its video! I’m feeling adventurous today I guess.

So I was looking at the CMT blog just now, and they posted one of their usual video posts (Click here for the video), and I saw the video for Shawna Russell’s new single, and I was very impressed.

Goddess, by Shawna Russell

Goddess, by Shawna Russell

First, I’ll start with the song itself. Shawna is telling about how since she was young she knew she would have to leave and hit the road in a car:

I never could’ve learned in college
 Couldn’t keep my mind in gear
 So I took the wheel with both hands
 And learned to steer”

She goes on to say that since she has to keep moving on she “Should’ve Been Born With Wheels”, hence the song title. It’s a very solid lyric, if on a topic that’s overused. I also think that the title is a little too long, seeing as it could have just been “Born With Wheels”. It gets the same message across, but rolls off the tongue easier. Anyways, I like the lyrics.  They aren’t really that special, but they are solid. It’s her voice that blew me away. Oddly enough, it flew to my mind that this is the kind of song I imagined for Crystal Shawanda, rather than the many dull songs that she’s stuck with.

Shawna infuses this song with a jolt of energy through her great performance, helping the song to go from just normal to being very good to hear. Shawna sings strong without screaming, and shows off her voice very well, giving this song just the right kind of roughness. She has such a great voice, and uses it very well here.

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