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Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

My Life, The Roller Coaster

Ok, so I’m trying to release a little stress, and I had an interesting experience with a song yesterday, and I wanted to share it here! Of course, I also made it into a discussion topic as well…

The Roller Coaster that is my life

The Roller Coaster that is my life.

I’ve been working on a project for my Physics class, namely to make a roller coaster. We (our group of 3 people) used parallel rubber tubes with wire crosspieces to roll a small steel ball down, and it was not easy. We started last Saturday buying materials and making a base, Monday for making supports and drilling holes in the tubes to attach them, and Wednesday-Friday to make the loop and the rest of the coaster, with almost no success. Now every single day we worked 5-8 hours straight, and it was not fun. I mean, I’ve lost sleep over this project, worrying and freaking out when it seemed hopeless, which was most of the time! So what does this have to do with music?

Well yesterday, before my friends came over to work, I went out to get a haircut. I got in my car and checked all the radio stations for songs I like, as usual, finding “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)” by The Judds, a nice surprise. When that song ended, I found “Ride” by Martina McBride was next. Naturally, since I liked the song, I started to listen while waiting at the stoplight. Now, if you read my review earlier, (see here) I said that the song is not very meaningful, just happy and good-sounding, or so I had gathered earlier. But listening in the car yesterday, the song took on a whole new meaning! My life had swiftly (and ironically) become a roller coaster while I was building a roller coaster! I listened intently, and I found a real message in the previously meaningless lyrics:

“You wake up from your dream and, and you don’t want to face the day
You can’t find a reason to think your world will ever change
You can hide beneath the covers
Or you can run outside head up high and carry on”

That is exactly how I felt that morning. I wanted to give up, to stay in bed and not have to face my problem, but instead I went out to face it head-on. My life had been going up and down, good to bad, constantly; and I was sick of it, but I was still trying to get through it.

Then I heard this line in the chorus, “Laugh even when you want to cry.” I had wanted to cry over this disaster of a roller coaster, so instead I laughed at the exhilaration of driving on the road, the joy of the moment. For 3 minutes and 57 seconds in that car, I was free, “riding” the roller coaster that was my life. I didn’t “look back”, but “felt the rush”, and let me tell you, it felt great. For the duration of that song, I felt no pressure, and it energized me more than I ever thought possible.

Now this song means something to me, to enjoy life now, even when the pressure becomes unbearable, to “ride.” So even though after getting home, we ripped the roller caster apart and started over with a new plan, I was all right, I knew I could handle the future, instead of running away. A song that was good background music had inspired me to continue and evolved into a meaningful and accurate portrayal of my life, all of which was unexpected.

I know that’s a long story, but I felt I needed to share it here, so now I want yours.

Have you ever had a previously unimportant song become special to you? Why?

And really thanks, writing this helped me vent my stress about the entire situation, so thanks for listening. I’ll just call this my therapy.


CMT Insider – 2008 In a Nutshell

katiecook2I just wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a special edition of CMT Insider this weekend titled ‘2008 In A Nutshell’.

I tape the show to my DVR each week, and never miss an episode – I am an uber Katie Cook fan. And I think this week’s is the best episode of the show ever. They recount the biggest stories of the year including Dolly postponing her tour due to her boobs, Taylor Swift’s 27-second breakup with Joe Jonas, Shania’s return to the CMAs, and all the other big country music news stories of the year.

This episode also features some hilarious comments from comics Ralphie May (a hilarious guy – you must check him out if you haven’t seen his specials on Comedy Central), Cledus T. Judd, Etta May, and many more. Kudos to CMT for this episode. Be sure to catch it this weekend. It repeats several times, and you can check the showtimes here.