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Chris’s End of 2008 List: Top 10 Album Cuts

These are my favorite album cuts from albums released in 2008. I decided to do it for all genres, but there are only 3 songs that aren’t country, so I hope you guys like it! (I also shortened my comments to just a few sentences.)

Viva La Vida

10. “Strawberry Swing” – Coldplay

– The great looping guitar in the background with the hand claps makes this infectious track a great happy song. I know, “Coldplay on a country blog? What?”

Dawn Of A New Day

9. “Evolution” – Crystal Shawanda

– I just got this album the other day, and while the material was mostly mediocre, this song stood out. It’s her musical evolution, and she presses on, while her great vocal elevates it even further.

Rattlin’ Bones

8. “Wildflower” – Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

– My favorite from their album, this slow track is so gentle, it just sounds beautiful. The best word I can think of to describe it is “delicate.”


7. “Hanging On Too Long” – Duffy

– A welsh pop/soul singer who is also nominated for a Grammy, she combines classic soul and a great voice to produce this track. I swear, she sings sad songs better than almost every mainstream country artist, and it sounds good.

The Life Of A Song

6. “To Say Goodbye” – Joey + Rory

– A song that mentions a husband killed in 9/11 and a comatose wife is bound to be terribly sad, but the duo explains the feeling that “It’s not that we can’t let them go, we just want to say goodbye.” The performance is perfect for this song.


5. “Fear” – Jazmine Sullivan

– This Grammy-nominated R&B vocalist makes a list of all of her fears. She’s achingly revealing the innermost part of her fears, to show us that “Who ain’t human without fear?” Her stellar performance is perfectly accompanied by the great piano in the production.

Sleepless Nights

4. “Sleepless Nights” – Patty Loveless (Featuring Vince Gill)

– With Patty’s performance and Vince’s stellar harmony vocals, the heartbreak of her “Sleepless Nights” is tangible, and it sounds amazing to me.


3. “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore” – Kathy Mattea

– The one up-tempo track, driven by a great fiddle, manages to still be sad somehow. It’s a gem that opens the stellar album it comes from.

Call Me Crazy

2. “Either Way” or “The Bees” – Lee Ann Womack

– Well I couldn’t pick between these two, so I chose them both. To go with a heartbreaking picture of a marriage about to break or a great and creative story song, I really couldn’t pick one.

Love On The Inside

1. “Very Last Country Song” – Sugarland

– This song describes truth while telling a story at the same time. It’s the epitome of a great country song, not to mention one of Nettles’ best performances ever.

4 responses to “Chris’s End of 2008 List: Top 10 Album Cuts

  1. J.R. Journey December 31, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    I haven’t heard most of these songs – I only have 5 of the albums you mentioned. But I would go with ‘Fall Into Me’ as the best album cut from Love On The Inside and ‘Sweetest Waste of Time’ from Rattlin Bones.

  2. Chris D. December 31, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Which country album do you not have?

    “Fall Into Me” is very good, I love the bridge part with the “Just before”s. I almost picked the title track from Rattlin’ Bones, but I really love “Wildflower”.

    Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

  3. Blake Boldt December 31, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    “Fall Into Me” is just a small notch below “Very Last Country Song” in my book, but both are favorites from that disc. “Sweetest Waste of Time” is terrific, too.

  4. Leeann Ward January 2, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Those are my favorites from Patty’s and Kathy’s CDs too. “The Bees” is my favorite from the Womack album. I think “To Say Goodbye” ends up being one of my least favorites from the J+R album…too predictable for me. Finally, my favorites from Rattlin’ Bones constantly changes, but my absolute favorite from the album is still “One More Year.” The story is chilling and Kasey’s vocals are appropriately sad for what I hear as a sad, sad song.

    Great list.

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